Vince McMahon Is Being Told Not To Push Baron Corbin [Rumor]

It's been well-known for a while now that Vince McMahon is high on Baron Corbin, but the latter has yet to receive that big main event push.

Corbin lost out on his chance to defeat Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship, but he advanced to the King of the Ring semi-finals with a win over Cedric Alexander this week. Could this mark the beginning of a main event push for Corbin?

Not necessarily. According to Brad Shepard of Oh, You Didn't Know (h/t Ringside News), the WWE chairman still "loves Baron Corbin." However, folks "close to Vince" are telling him that they don't think Corbin would work "as the champion".

Of course, Vince has all the power can decide who he wants to push, whenever he wants. But if others are convincing him that Corbin isn't going to work as a champion, then he might shy away from pushing the former constable of Raw.

Vince hasn't been shy in holding back superstars that other fans have wanted to see get major pushes and vice versa. He pushed Roman Reigns as "the guy" for several years, even though the fans wouldn't get behind him.

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On the flip side, Vince didn't push fan favorites and NXT stars like Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Roode and Sami Zayn.

So the whole point is that even if Vince is being told who to push and who not to push, he's not afraid to ignore the noise and do what he personally thinks is best for business. As such, not all hope is lost for Corbin to eventually become a main eventer.

Will Baron Corbin Receive A Push?

Corbin hasn't become Universal Champion yet, but it's still clear that Vince remains confident in his ability to be a main eventer. Corbin got to feud with Rollins - the main face of WWE - and is one victory away from reaching the King of the Ring finals. So no matter how others inside WWE feel about Corbin, all that really matters is that Vince likes and wants to push him.

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