Vince McMahon Has Been Dead Against Women's Tag Team Titles Since Day One

Vince McMahon never wanted to introduce Women's Tag Titles to WWE. At least that explains why the championships have been booked so poorly.

A large chunk of the WWE Universe was clamoring for Women's Tag Titles for a very long time. There were even signs in the crowd which were reportedly planted there by WWE. Why do that? So when the titles were finally introduced, it seemed as if WWE was doing fans a favor. Newsflash WWE, we wanted them anyway. The signs really weren't needed.

The person who probably felt as if they were was Vince McMahon. According to Sportskeeda, the chairman did not want to introduce the championships to WWE. Sources have told the site that Mr. McMahon felt pressured into doing so. That's why at Elimination Chamber this year, WWE's first female Tag Team Champions were crowned.

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The boss's reluctance to introduce these championships also explains their booking since being revealed. Between WrestleMania and SummerSlam, we have barely even seen them, let alone seen them be defended. The Iiconics won the titles at WrestleMania, which we thought was great for the championships and their new holders. Turns out neither party really benefitted from the run, and on Raw last week, new champions were crowned.

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The titles' new holders, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross have defended the titles twice in the space of a week. For comparison, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay put the titles on the line three times during their four-month reign. Perhaps Mr. McMahon is finally warming up to the idea of Women's Tag Team Titles. He certainly seems to be a fan of Bliss and Cross considering the amount of screen time they get.

McMahon's rumored dislike of the titles isn't the only rumor about the championships reported by Sportskeeda. Sources have also told the site that they were only introduced to appease Sasha Banks, hence her being one of the first holders alongside Bayley. Another source cited that the titles' lackluster introduction has simply been down to horrible timing. Whatever the reason, we look forward to seeing if Bliss and Cross can turn things around.

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