Vince McMahon Completely Rewrote This Week's Raw 3 Hours Before It Started

Vince McMahon reportedly arrived to Raw at 3 pm CT this past Monday and proceeded to rewrite everything that was originally planned.

Raw has been receiving a lot of criticism recently. The show actually receives criticism pretty much all of the time, but it has been dealing with more than usual for the last few weeks. Most of that centered around not this week's Raw, but the one that took place seven days before that, and rightly so.

The show was one of the worst Raws in recent memory. Not just our opinion, but the feeling of most fans who somehow managed to sit through the entire thing. The focus was on Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, and Bobby Lashley picking apart Elias and Finn Balor. Throw in the terrible open forum segment with Sasha Banks and Bayley and WWE had itself a recipe for disaster.


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Despite how stubborn WWE can be, something had to change this past Monday. Shockingly, reports suggest it was Vince McMahon who saw the light. Wrestling Observer Radio has reported that the boss turned up to the building in Houston at 3 pm CT, so just three hours before Raw went live, and decided to rewrite the whole show. Mr. McMahon wanted the show to have a much happier vibe than the one the week before.

The worrying thing is that those same reports suggest Raw wasn't rewritten because of how bad it was the week before. Mr. McMahon's reason for the last minute rewrite was due to the death of George H.W. Bush. Since Raw was emanating from Houston, Texas the WWE chairman wanted to give the fans a much more uplifting show. That's why the babyfaces had a much better time of it this past Monday.

Before you start praising Mr. McMahon too much, we should note a couple of things. Just because Monday's Raw was better than last week's doesn't mean it was good. It was still a pretty boring and uninspired show. Also, last week's Raw was rewritten late on by Mr. McMahon too. Who knows what was planned before the chairman decided to switch things up, in terms of both this week and last week.


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