Vince McMahon & Triple H Have "Fallen Out" Backstage [Rumor]

Vince McMahon and Triple H have fallen out backstage, according to a report from the Daily Star.

The publication cites information from sources claiming that The Game is the "most frustrated person in the back every single night", with the WWE chairman said to be ignoring advice from just about everyone, including creative and even longtime writing mastermind Bruce Prichard.

While Triple H has publicly backed Vince, the two are reported as having friction between them.

Per the Daily Star, a source linked to the WWE writing team called the Post Pro-Wrestling Show hosted by Wade Keller to voice their frustrations over the way Vince has been handling things lately.

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Via WWE.com

“No one should rip on WWE creative. They have some of the most brilliant, unbelievable cool ideas that I’ve ever heard," the source was quoted as saying. “We’re writing for an audience of one and never forget that [and if not] you’re out of here.

“The most frustrated person in the back every single night is Triple H. He’ll always take, especially the NXT guys, under his wing. It looks like he’s consoling them.

“It looks so much like he was the most frustrated person in the building every single night.”

Said source is reported to be close friends of three WWE writers, who vented to him/her during a recent drink session.

It has also been claimed that McMahon does not follow NXT at all and hardly pays attention to the "real world". Chances of him stepping down and leaving the promotion's running to someone else are also thought to be very slim.

Meanwhile, Triple H has added some fuel to this fire by liking a recent tweet from a fan criticizing McMahon's continued involvement with Raw, SmackDown and their respective storylines.

The company is still reeling from a drop in ratings, recording their lowest numbers outside of the holiday season yet WWE is as valuable as it's ever been, while McMahon's worth has reached an estimated $3.3 billion as well.

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What This Means

McMahon's insistence on remaining involved in the runnings of shows can't really be faulted; after all, it's his business. However, his refusal to accept advice or feedback, if that is indeed the case, cannot be justified.

The WWE chairman appears no closer to stepping down from his position, even with his football league soon to kick off. And, in fairness, no one needs him too. Everyone just wishes he would listen.

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