Vince McMahon's XFL Workload Could Become An Issue For WWE [Rumor]

Vince McMahon will relaunch the XFL 2020 project in February of next year, and though the league's revival is still seven months away, it appears to be creating some concerns backstage.

According to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, there are worries that the WWE chairman "will be so immersed in his work with the XFL" that Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman will rarely have the chance "to put their fingerprints on their respective shows."

This means that with Vince tied up, Bischoff and Heyman won't be able to talk things over with the boss - thus suggesting that their ideas and plans for Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live might not get through. Barrasso also noted that we should look for the "changes to be more noticeable by October."

Heyman and Bischoff were hired last week to take over as the new executives for Raw and SmackDown, respectively. WWE had to make changes given their declining television ratings, the amount of disgruntled superstars and the fact AEW is emerging as serious competition.

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There were plenty of major changes on Raw this week, which started off with a hardcore segment when Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman crashed through the LED screen - which set off fireworks backstage. WWE threw in sprinkles of the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Eras, and that's likely going to continue under both Heyman and Bischoff.

Even though Bischoff and Heyman hold high positions in WWE, everybody knows that Vince has the final say on everything. If Vince isn't around to communicate with them while he's relaunching the XFL, there will be plenty of confusion and frustration backstage - so WWE better get a long-term plan in place in order to avoid problems in the coming months.

What This Means

Heyman and Bischoff have incredibly successful track records as executives and writers, and you know Vince will approve of their many intriguing ideas. But it'll be interesting to see how WWE goes about making these changes in the next few months, especially with Vince likely to be out of the picture for a brief period.

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