Vince Russo Says WWE & AEW Are Working Together

AEW launched it's first show, Double Or Nothing, in Las Vegas on Saturday night, and the event was universally praised by wrestling fans and pundits.

It's extremely early and all, and AEW hasn't even become a weekly product yet. But with deep-pocketed owners and a roster full of many world-class performers - including Cody, Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega - the company has an extremely bright future.

AEW is in excellent position to pose as a serious threat to Vince McMahon's company down the road, but former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo doesn't see it that way. Rather, he took to Twitter to suggest that AEW and WWE are actually secretly working together.

Russo followed it up by suggesting that if the two companies "are working together," it'll be better for the wrestling business and fans.

It's a very interesting take from Russo, but there's no reason nor enough evidence to believe the two sides are working together. AEW signed away a handful of WWE legends like Jericho, Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose in WWE), and Jim Ross.

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They'll obviously be after a large portion of WWE superstars that leave the company in the next couple of years, too. It just doesn't make sense to see the two companies working alongside one another, especially with all of these former WWE talents leaving for better opportunities in AEW.

Russo had a bitter departure from the WWE during the Monday Night Wars - which led to him moving over to the rival WCW promotion. There were theories that suggested WWE sent Russo there in order to destroy the company, but that's merely speculation right now. Russo has been a heavy critic of WWE over the years, but this latest take certainly stands out more than anything else he's recently said.

What This Means

No matter how you feel about Russo, the man is always good for some entertaining and interesting takes. AEW and WWE are on the verge of reigniting the Monday Night Wars, and over time, it'll be more and more evident that the two sides certainly aren't working together - in case you believed they were.

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