Walter Reacted Perfectly To Being Told He Looks Like Dominick Mysterio

After Chris Brookes told WALTER he looks like Rey Mysterio's son Dominick, the UK Champion reacted by hitting him with a 619.

Rey Mysterio will go down in history as one of the best to ever do it in a wrestling ring. There's a very strong case to be made for Mysterio to be labeled the best luchador of all time. Due to his time with WCW and WWE, it's almost a given that he is the most famous and instantly recognizable Mexican wrestler ever.

Judging by the storyline currently unfolding in WWE, it seems as if Mysterio's time in the ring is coming to an end. Due to the early age at which he started competing, he has been performing in the ring since the late 1980s. Mysterio is a name synonymous with pro wrestling though, and his son Dominick has already started making appearances on WWE TV.

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Dominick doesn't exactly look much like his old man, though. For starters, he's about a foot taller. We hadn't put these two pieces together before, but Dominick Mysterio actually bears a remarkable resemblance to NXT UK's WALTER. Chris Brookes pointed this out during a match against the Austrian at Fight Club: PRO this weekend. The indy star called WALTER a "Dominick Mysterio looking piece of s**t."

The UK Champion isn't the kind of guy you want to throw insults at willy nilly, whether you're wrestling him or not. WALTER made Brookes eat his words after the insult by delivering one of Mysterio's signature moves. That's right, the 619. Not a move you expect to see from someone WALTER's size. It might not look quite as good as the luchador's, but still pretty impressive considering.

More tenured WWE fans will know all too well that his recent appearances aren't the first we've seen of Dominick in WWE. During the early 2000s, Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero argued and battled over who the youngster's real father is. All for the purposes of a WWE storyline, of course. However, despite WALTER's Austrian descent, considering how alike they look, we think a similar angle between the UK Champion and Mysterio would work just as well in 2019.

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