Popular NXT Tag Team Is Not Competing In The Dusty Rhodes Classic


War Machine became popular all over the world with their work in Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling and various independents. When news broke that they’d signed with NXT, fans were incredibly ecstatic, and they couldn’t wait for their arrival on the black and yellow brand. With the spoiler announcement that the Dusty Rhodes Classic was returning for its third installment, fans including us, predicted that it would be the best way to introduce War Machine to the WWE fans that didn’t know them. But Triple H has just announced the bracket for the tournament, and the duo of Hanson and Raymond Rowe are nowhere to be seen. In case you missed it, here is the bracket.

It’s going to be a great tournament regardless, with star studded teams like Moustache Mountain, Sanity, AOP, TM+61 and The Street Profits all involved. But it does feel like something is missing, and the internet has noticed that too. It’s fairly disappointing, especially considering how hyped the fans were, but before we dump on it too hard, we know that Triple H is doing great things in charge of NXT. It wouldn’t be surprising to see them introduced in an exciting, innovative way in the near future.


There are rumors doing the rounds on the internet that WWE may be keeping AOP down in NXT until after WrestleMania so that War Machine and AOP can both debut following Mania (on separate shows). While we don’t believe that, it’s definitely a possibility and wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen in this situation.


So what do you guys think? Is this the right move for WWE to keep them off TV until something more substantial comes along? Should they skip NXT and go straight to RAW or Smackdown? Let us know all your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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