Warriors Star Andre Iguodala Gives NBA Retirement Window

Golden State Warriors shooting guard Andre Iguodala has revealed that he is looking to retire in the next three years.

The player, 34, has spent the last five years with the Warriors and is an important component in Steve Kerr's setup. He was named the NBA Finals MVP when the team won their first of their three recent titles in 2015 but has gotten off to a slow start this term.

Iguodala is averaging a career-low 4.5 points per contest so far, after seeing his role diminish due to the emergence of Quinn Cook.

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And he has indicated that, while he feels he could play for another five years, he's likely to call it quits at three - but that would also depend on whether or not he's still with the Dubs.

"I'm going to be done soon," per NBC Sports Bay Area's Monte Poole. "I could probably play a legit five more years, but I'll probably max out at three more after this year—maybe three more. But if I'm not here, that will weigh heavily on what I will do. I possibly have another year here—if we win. That's it. I know that. I'm fine with it."

Despite his lesser role on the side this season, the player seems happy to make the sacrifice for the good of the team.

"It's all about that balance," he added. "Sometimes, I have to be the guy that says, 'OK, we've got to play the right way.' If that means I've got to pass up some shots to make sure everybody else is in the right flow, has the right mindset and is getting their touches, so be it — as long as I know that's going to help us in the long run."

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What This Means

Iguodala did not seem very confident over his future with the Warriors and that could be understood. The team is paying him $16 million this season, which is a bit much for their 12th leading scorer, so they could feel inclined to part ways. If he's kept around next term, the last of his three-year deal, they will pay him $17.2 million.

Iguodala has been a very valuable player for the Warriors over the years and is still able to produce when he's called upon. Those factors could weigh heavily when the decision over his future is being made, especially if they win a third-straight championship.


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