Even Wendy's Celebrates Rusev Day

If Aiden English and Rusev had their way, every day in WWE would be "Rusev Day". A fictional holiday that has the WWE Universe buzzing, Rusev Day is sweeping professional wrestling and has become one of the most popular ideas WWE has offered in the past year. The former Bulgarian Brute, who was almost worked out of WWE due to a lack of popularity, is now trending as one of the company's most popular characters and fans can't get enough.

Apparently, it's not just fans who are loving the idea and believe that Rusev Day should become a day more and more people celebrate.

Famous fast food franchise Wendy's recently got in on the action when a Twitter user tweeted the famous restaurant chain and asked if they knew what day it was. Without missing a beat, the person responsible for Wendy's Twitter feed tweeted the response, "It's Rusev Day."

Whether or not the home of the Frosty knew that the user was digging for that kind of response or not is uncertain. Perhaps whoever was running Wendy's social media account was simply a professional wrestling fan or perhaps they did a little digging and realized that the user (known as GroundhogPhil) was a pop-culture fan. Either way, the tweet blew up and GroundhogPhil who has a modest 190 followers is all of a sudden trending for wrestling fans who are stoked that a company as big and unrelated to wrestling as Wendy's would acknowledge something wrestling fans are digging in a major way.

Don't expect Wendy's to all of a sudden create a Kid's wrestling-related menu item or start to promote more wrestling on behalf of WWE. This was likely a one-off situation with someone having some fun with a back-and-forth with another Twitter user. Rusev Day is everywhere and the Wendy's tweet just proves it.

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