News On When Goldberg Could Wrestle His Next Match

Goldberg made easy work of Dolph Ziggler at the SummerSlam pay-per-view, and it may not be long until we see the Hall of Famer get back in the ring next.

According to WWE insider Brad Shepard, the Saudi government wants Goldberg at the Crown Jewel event on Oct. 31, though it remains to be seen if WWE will have him back for the show.

Goldberg appeared at the last Saudi event (Super ShowDown) back in June, where he went up against The Undertaker. That match disappointed on numerous levels, with both superstars botching a series of finishing maneuvers. On top of that, Goldberg was concussed after running headfirst into the ring post.

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It marked Goldberg's first match in WWE in over two years - and a year after he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. His last bout was against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33, and it was widely believed that Goldberg was retired once and for all - until he returned to face Undertaker.

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Goldberg was reportedly paid $1 million for the match against Undertaker, and he apparently took home a fancy $600,000 payday for the match against Ziggler last week. If WWE is willing to pay him over half a million dollars to wrestle one simple match, then there's no reason to believe Goldberg wouldn't come back for another fight.

It's also been suggested that new Monday Night Raw Executive Director Paul Heyman would like to continue using Goldberg, more specifically in a Bruno Sammartino-like role. That is, WWE would use him a handful of times a year - since Goldberg remains a big draw at the age of 52.

What This Means

WWE always tries to stack up the card for its Saudi shows, so it wouldn't be a surprise if the likes of Goldberg and Undertaker returned. It seems like the former is far from done in the ring, too, so it shouldn't be long until we see him wrestle again.

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