News On When WWE Will Scrap The Wild Card Rule

The WWE wild card rule has been a colossal disappointment from the get-go, but Vince McMahon and company officials are planning to end it in short time.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Ringside News), WWE plans to cancel the wild card rule in October. Fox will be taking over the SmackDown Live broadcasts - which will be moved to Friday nights.

The Observer noted that we could see a few superstars switch brands, but otherwise, most of the roster will stay intact. With that, each brand will have its group of superstars, and the flip-flopping will come to a hard conclusion once and for all.

Assuming the wild card rule stays intact until October, that means we'll be forced to endure this lackluster segment for two more months. Although, it wouldn't be a surprise if WWE began to use the rule less frequently leading up to the scrapping of the wild card.

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The wild card rule allows four superstars from SmackDown to appear on Raw each week, and vice versa. But WWE hasn't done much of anything with the rule when it comes to introducing fresh and interesting feuds and storylines. As such, there's no reason to keep the rule when it's not being used properly.

McMahon recently hired Paul Heyman (Executive Director of Raw) and Eric Bischoff (Executive Director of SmackDown). With Vince bringing two influential executive aboard, itt doesn't make sense to have superstars moving over to both brands. WWE simply has to trust Heyman and Bischoff to get the job done on their respective brands, plain and simple. Simply put, there isn't anybody that will miss the wild card rule once it's finally scrapped.

What This Means

The end of the wild card rule can't come soon enough for WWE superstars and fans. This was never a good idea in terms of fixing TV ratings. We'll see if anything big comes out of the wild card over these next two months (new feuds or storylines), but that's highly unlikely now.

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