Backstage News On Where Braun Strowman Stands In WWE

After winning the Greatest Royal Rumble and men's Money in the Bank ladder match last year, Braun Strowman seemed to be in line for a massive main event push.

Fast forward one year later, and it's a completely different story for Strowman, who inexplicably stopped receiving a push and has been stuck in the mid-card. Vince McMahon had spent so much time pushing Strowman as a a main event superstar, but the WWE chairman has since taken his foot off the gas pedal.

Well, it doesn't sound like things are about to change for anytime soon. On PW Insider Elite audio (h/t Ringside News), Mike Johnson described the situation and said Vince now views Strowman as a "walking mascot.":

"There have been times when Vince was ready to pull the trigger and then something happens behind the scenes just by the way Braun Strowman carries himself or maybe he’s a little late or just at times that he’s his own worst enemy with how he presents himself and Vince takes a step backward."

I just think he’s at the point now where Vince sees him as a walking mascot for the company more than he sees him as a top guy. So he’s kinda like a modern-day 911 for ECW vs being seen as a franchise player for the company."

After Strowman won the MITB contract, he was ready to cash it in at SummerSlam - where Brock Lesnar would drop the Universal Championship to Roman Reigns. However, Lesnar was able to fight off Strowman during the match and thus foiled his plan to cash it in.

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Strowman was finally able to cash it in at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, where he faced Reigns. However, Lesnar attacked both superstars and the matched ended via no contest, and Strowman's cash-in went to complete waste - in what can be regarded as a very strange booking decision by WWE.

WWE briefly paired Strowman with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, and they would clash with The Shield for a short period of time. He then challenged Lesnar for the Universal Championship at Survivor Series, but lost after being attacked by Baron Corbin - whom he'd feud with for a short time. Strowman then had a short program with Saturday Night Live cast members Michael Che and Colin Jost .

What This Means

Strowman went on to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 35, so perhaps WWE is thinking about giving him a major push again. Roman Reigns has moved over to SmackDown Live, so perhaps Strowman could emerge as a challenger for Seth Rollins' Universal Championship. Otherwise, it's anybody's guess if WWE will do anything big with Strowman any time soon.

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