Why AEW & Chris Jericho Weren't That Worried About The Lost Title Belt

Even if AEW and Chris Jericho hadn't recovered the AEW Championship, apparently, they have a backup title anyway.

We expected this week's wrestling news to be almost exclusively All Out fallout. For the most part, it has been, but the top story wasn't one we were expecting. The loss of Chris Jericho's AEW Championship. Not in a match, but in the back of a car. And no, we're not talking 24/7 Title style either. There were no referees on hand during this title loss.

Y2J's championship was stolen from the back of his limo as he ate at a Longhorn Steakhouse. Thus began the biggest case in AEW history. Admittedly that history is less than a year-long, but this was still a pretty big deal. Thankfully, the championship has now been recovered. While we assume the police played a big part in making that happen, Jericho has claimed it was all his doing.

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As it turns out, had the title not been found in time for AEW's first TV show, it wouldn't have been the disaster we initially assumed. According to Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, AEW actually has a spare World Championship. Alvarez revealed as much on Twitter when a fan wrote that "it sucks to have to get a new one."

This news has got the conspiracy theorist inside of us thinking. There's an outside chance that the real AEW World Championship actually hasn't been found, and the one Y2J is now flaunting is the spare. He and AEW got all the press they needed from the news of the title being stolen, and the whole saga lasting less than three days does seem a little convenient for our liking.

Whatever the true story is, we will likely never know entirely, and we are okay with that. Wrestling needs a little bit of mystery. The revelation that there are two World Titles is a little disappointing, though. Admittedly it means situations like this aren't as troublesome as they might have been, but has this been the norm throughout wrestling history? Were there two big gold belts back in Ric Flair's day? Surely not.

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