Kevin Owens Explains Why He Has No Interest In Being 24/7 Champion

Fans are asking why Kevin Owens didn't pin Elias on SmackDown. The Prizefighter has offered up an explanation.

We're not sure if it's just us, but the 24/7 Title and the exploits that surround it are starting to wear pretty thin. Initially, the antics of R-Truth, Drake Maverick, and the rest of the chasing pack were pretty entertaining. Fast forward to what we saw this week, and we're starting to think that after just three months, the title is already old news.

Nevertheless, WWE is pushing forward with it. Right now, Maverick is the champ after he pinned Elias on SmackDown. The Brit didn't need to do much in order to get his hands on it, though. After The Drifter was left laying by Kevin Owens, Maverick rushed the ring and fed off the scraps KO left behind.

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That act has left fans questioning why Owens didn't go for the pin himself. He is The Prizefighter after all. Well, KO offered up an explanation on Twitter. "I can’t worry about being rolled up by some dude while I’m dropping my kids off at school or enjoying a lovely night out with my wife," Owens wrote. He then congratulated Maverick and wished him luck as he moves forward as a five-time champion.

KO's worries are warranted too. The first time Maverick won the title, he was rolled up by Truth at his own wedding. The obsessed veteran also invaded his and Renee Michelle's honeymoon suite in order to regain the championship. That being said, considering the violent streak we know Owens has, we'd love to see his reaction to someone invading his family life in order to take a title from him.

Aside from his explanation, Owens' inability to react in the way that he should if Superstars were to come after him is exactly why he can never be 24/7 Champion. The purpose of the title is to provide comic relief. It's also a way to get Superstars lower on the card some screen time. Since KO is neither a comedic wrestler nor a lower card Superstar, any involvement in the 24/7 Title scene simply wouldn't make sense.

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