Backstage News On Why Seth Rollins Defeated Brock Lesnar

Seth Rollins pulled off the rare feat of defeating Brock Lesnar twice, having completed the difficult task at SummerSlam while becoming the new Universal Champion.

This came four months after Rollins pulled off a upset against Lesnar at WrestleMania 35. But without a doubt, Rollins' victory this past Sunday came as the greatest surprise of them all - since WWE had hinted that this would be an easy victory for Lesnar.

After all, the Beast Incarnate brutally attacked Rollins time and time again on Raw, leading up to their match. The latter was completely banged up and looked physically unable to wrestle. But sure enough, Rollins emerged victorious by taking down the virtually unbeatable Lesnar yet again.

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According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Ringside News), WWE's plan for getting Rollins over was "to think he has no chance to win so when he wins it makes him a bigger babyface." Meltzer also added that WWE is "desperate" to make Rollins succeed "as the top babyface on this show."

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Well, WWE certainly succeeded in making it seem like Rollins didn't have much hope against Lesnar. The former embraced the underdog role perfectly and pulled off a pair of extremely rare upset victories against Lesnar.

Considering how tired countless fans grew of the latter's lengthy Universal Championship reign, this should especially help Rollins get over even more. After all, he is a full-time competitor and shows up every week, whereas Lesnar only appears on a part-time wrestling basis. For the bulk of the WWE Universe, it's great to see somebody like Rollins with the title.

What This Means

WWE is doing a fine job in building up Rollins as their top babyface. With superb mic skills and plenty of charisma, Rollins has what it takes to lead as the company's main event superstar. With two victories over Lesnar, The Architect has plenty of momentum going for him - and his main event run won't be ending any time soon.

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