Steve Austin Reveals Hilarious Reason For Losing His Voice At Raw Reunion

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin was among the many returning wrestling legends for the Raw reunion episode on July 22, and the Texas Rattlesnake sure made the most of his time back in the ring.

Austin, arguably the most beloved and admired superstar in the history of WWE, made a highly anticipated return along with other wrestling greats. This included Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, members of D-Generation X, Mick Foley, Mark Henry, Kurt Angle, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, among others.

The show closed out with Austin saluting the WWE Universe in the middle of the ring, with dozens of other wrestling icons. Austin then cracked open some beers to close out the party and memorable event.

Many noticed that Austin's voice was off during the concluding segment. Well, that's because the Hall of Famer was having too much fun with Flair prior to his celebration in the ring.

The Texas Rattlesnake had The Nature Boy on The Steve Austin Show (h/t Ringside News) and the former explained how the excessive partying with Flair led to him losing his voice by the end of the night.

"By the time I showed up at Monday Night RAW, I had stayed up so late with [Flair] two nights in a row. And then, [Flair] brought in this cast of characters. And by the time we got to the RAW reunion, I was talking to the WWE Superstars for like eight hours before we went on air.

By the time I went out to go cut my promo, my voice was basically gone because I had partied too hard with [Flair] and then talked my voice out, so I (expletive) myself is what I did."

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Even if his voice was almost gone, Austin still put together another signature promo and brought the crowd to its feet - so all ended up being just fine. And better yet, it won't be long until we get to see Austin return to the ring again.

Austin is returning to Madison Square Garden for Monday Night Raw next week. It was reported that WWE chose to bring Austin back in hopes of increasing their ticket sales; Mike Johnson of PW Insider Elite reported that the show was only "half sold out." We'll see if he can fix the ticket sales, but Austin at least promises to make the show a whole lot better.

What This Means For Ticket Sales

Austin was able to pump up the crowd like no other superstar in history, so his return next week should be a huge success all around. He'll certainly help them in the television ratings area, but whether or not Austin's return can spark more ticket sales in the coming weeks remains to be seen.

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