Will Ospreay Won't Be Signing With WWE For At Least 5 Years

We knew Will Ospreay was committed to New Japan, but thanks to a Q&A on Twitter we now know for exactly how long.

As we edge ever closer to October, it feels as if the war between WWE and AEW is about to reach a fever pitch. Or at least the battle between AEW and NXT. However, what everyone seems to have forgotten is that a lot of the world's best wrestling in recent years has been taking place in New Japan. This year's G1 Climax proved that is still very true.

The emergence of AEW seemed to deplete NJPW somewhat to begin with. For starters, most of the fledgling promotion's EVPs are wrestlers who were recently competing in some of New Japan's top matches. However, the far eastern company is once again finding its feet and is being helped to do so by a loyal crop of top competitors.

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One of those competitors is Will Ospreay. The British star has been making some serious waves in NJPW. He's also been engaging with WWE Superstars on social media, getting our hopes up that we could see a few dream matches some time soon. Sadly, a revelation by Ospreay during a recent Twitter Q&A suggests that those dream matches are on hold for the foreseeable future.

One fan asked if Ospreay would ever face Ricochet again. The Brit's previous clash with the now-WWE Superstar is what put him on the map. Ospreay replied that he won't be wrestling Ospreay for at least five years, as that's how long he is tied to NJPW for. Considering Ospreay and his girlfriend Bea Priestley recently moved to Japan, it shouldn't really come as a surprise that he has no plans to compete anywhere else for a long time.

Aside from Seth Rollins, the other WWE star Ospreay went back and forth with on Twitter was Randy Orton. The New Japan devotee suggested The Viper come to him for a dream match. Orton said he would run the idea up the flagpole, but since a considerable amount of time has passed since that tweet, we're assuming it's a no-go. That match may be one we never see, whether Ospreay signs with WWE in five years or not.

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