Raw Winners & Losers: Undertaker Returns

After what was a very good pay-per-view with an iffy ending, the follow-up broadcast to Hell in a Cell saw the announcement that WWE would be returning to Saudi Arabia on Nov 2, 2018, with a Triple Threat main event that includes Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns, and Brock Lesnar.

The rest of the show dealt with the fallout from Sunday's event. Dolph  Ziggler would try and steal the Intercontinental Title from Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre would take on Dean Ambrose, Ronda Rousey would continue to defend her Raw Women's Championship by issuing an open challenge and The Undertaker would be live on the show to address Triple H.

Would the formula work? Here are your winners and losers for Raw, September 17, 2018.

Loser: Opening Segment

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This opening segment of the show wasn't bad by opening segment standards, but the reason it gets a loser grade is because it became clear quickly that Lesnar's appearance on Sunday was more of the same old Lesnar fans have gotten used to seeing.

He joined the match to ruin the finish and leave everyone laying and didn't bother to appear on Monday to deal with the consequences. Then it was announced he would be part of a Triple Threat match that wasn't going to take place for another month and a half, which signals the fact he's part of a big storyline and likely won't appear much to promote it.

Nothing new when it comes to Lesnar.


Winner: Drew McIntyre

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It's becoming clear that Drew McIntyre has everything he needs to be a huge star in WWE. He's got the look, the skill and after his bout with Dean Ambrose, showed the chops to hang in the ring and put on quality matches. If he didn't hurt his knee, he did a masterful job selling that he did.

It shouldn't be understated how big it is that the Scottish Psychopath got a clean win over Ambrose so quickly after Ambrose's return to WWE. This means WWE has big plans for the big man.

Loser: Undertaker Appearance

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The Undertaker appears so infrequently, that when he does, it should be special. This was not particularly special in that he spent the entire segment wasting time only to tell everyone that Kane would be joining him at ringside for his match against Triple H.

It's hard to understand why WWE is going so full throttle on this Triple H vs. Undertaker match as though it's the biggest match they've done in some time. It's not. That it's getting so much television time and the announcement of Kane being by his side is worthy over a full week's worth of promotion is mindblowing.


Winner: Rousey Open Challenge

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It makes a ton of sense to have Rousey offer open challenges for the Raw Women's Title. She's going to be a nearly unstoppable champion, so the element of surprise may be the only thing that costs her the belt and it sets up the opportunity for a doublecross which is probably coming when it comes to either Natalya or the Bellas.

On the first night she started the challenge, it was fun to see the Riott Squad try to use their gang mentality to take it to the champion. This is going to be a good way to hide some of Rousey's shortcomings in the ring as she continues to grow as a single's competitor.


Winner: Lio Rush

We won't go so far as to say that Lio Rush was terribly entertaining but just the fact WWE decided to put a manager with Bobby Lashley and one that is much better on the mic is a win. It's an interesting character change for Rush and it should be fun to see where this goes.

This could also signal a change of direction for Lashley in that Rush might push him as the force he really is versus WWE displaying him in odd storylines that are not becoming of his personality.

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