Winners & Losers SmackDown Live: Orton Is At His Best

SmackDown Live was almost all winners on Tuesday and was far better a show than what Raw offered on Monday. Outside of a couple filler moments, the two-hour program offered a fantastic main event, three extremely strong promos and did much more to further the storylines for the blue brand heading into SummerSlam. 

Orton, Styles and The Miz were on fire and the New Day versus The Bar proved to be a pairing no one should really ever get tired of seeing. Only a short segment with the Bludgeons are a few minutes fans might want to have back.

Here are your winners and losers for SmackDown Live, August 7, 2018.

Winner: Randy Orton

Randy Orton is among the absolute best when he believes in what he's doing. On Tuesday, Orton opened the show and he showed that when he's got good material he likes he's captivating to watch. It's hard not to believe he'll do what he says he will, which is become so violent, fans will want to change the channel.

This is the best Orton has been in some time and it's all because he asked WWE to let him make a change and they obliged. Maybe the company should listen to its talent more often. This is the kind of Orton that could have another good run, even as a champion.

Loser: Nakamura vs. R-Truth

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SmackDown Live is not usually a show that offers a lot of pointless filler. It did on Tuesday by pitting R-Truth against Shinsuke Nakamura. The only silver lining one can draw here is that WWE is at least changing up the opponents from time to time. So too, while the match itself wasn't awful, by comparison, it didn't measure up to some of the other really good stuff the blue brand offered.

It probably didn't help that Truth looked like he might have actually been dazed by the kick to the back of the head he took during the match. Nakamura is the champ and R-Truth isn't really competition. This is something everyone already knew.

Winner: AJ Styles

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For fans who know the history between Samoa Joe and AJ Styles, the promo Styles cut makes perfect sense. For those who don't, introducing the background story was a good idea. This is going to be a great match for SummerSlam but developing a storyline behind the battle is wise.

Styles is usually pretty good with his promos but he was better than good here, stepping a bit out of character but not so much he was unrecognizable. Joe backstage laughing it all off was just the icing on the cake. If SmackDown Live keeps up this kind of drama between the two, people may be more interested in this match than they are Brock Lesnar versus Roman Reigns.


Loser: Bludgeon Brothers

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Having the Bludgeons squash two enhancement talents who fans won't remember tomorrow would have worked when the team first debuted, but these are now the SmackDown Live tag champions and it makes absolutely no sense to offer up this kind of match at this stage in their run.

Sure, WWE wants the WWE Universe to believe they're unstoppable monsters but the company accomplished that goal a long time ago. Why try to drive home the point? This served very little purpose and was actually worse filler than the Nakamura match.


Winner: New Day vs. The Bar

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Are there two teams better at wrestling each other than The Bar and The New Day? That's a rhetorical question, by the way. The answer is no.

Perhaps one can argue the outcome of the match and suggest The Bar versus The Bludgeons would be a better contest for SummerSlam, but how the result came about is the real winner here. The match was fantastic from start to finish with crowd chants of "this is awesome" and proved SmackDown Live easily has the better duos over its Raw counterpart.

This match could have lasted another 20 minutes and still been good.

Winner: Daniel Bryan / Miz Segment

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It was suggested in the Winner and Losers for Raw that nobody holds a candle to Paul Heyman when it comes to a promo. The Miz makes a case that no one should rule the A-Lister out so quickly.

It's a shame that this feud was held back so long and will come to a head so quickly because things are just getting warmed up. It would be an absolute shame if SummerSlam proved to be all these two did together.

Bryan attacking The Miz only to be nailed by a glass vase, then running away was a nice touch too. It continued to demonstrate he'll talk tough but take cheap shots to get out of the actual fight.


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