WrestleMania 34 Winners & Losers— Brock Wins, Reigns Bleeds

WrestleMania 34 was incredible, shocking, confusing and memorable. There were multiple title changes, swerves, returns, and matches that will go down in history. A WWE Legend was given an incredible amount of respect, a streak was ended, an MMA fighter may have had the best debut match in history, and a 10-year-old boy became the youngest WWE champion in the history of the company.

The show was five hours long and in that time, the unexpected and expected happened.  Admittedly, by most accounts, WrestleMania 34 was well done, but there were moments worth questioning.

Let's try to cover all the major events of the night. In one of our longest posts of this kind, here are your winners and losers from WrestleMania 34.

Winner: Bray Wyatt Return

It was rumored to happen and it happened in the first hour of the kickoff show. Bray Wyatt returned to help Matt Hardy win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. As the match got down to the final three competitors, Wyatt appeared in the ring, the question became "what would he do?" The answer was to team with Hardy, potentially forming a duo that would work together in the coming weeks on WWE programming.

Is he "Woken Wyatt"? We likely won't know until Monday, but it was a good way to kick of the show for the crowd in attendance.

Loser: Women's Battle Royal

Not only did no former WWE female stars and legends return to take part in the Battle Royal, but the finals appeared to come down to Bayley and Sasha only to have Naomi spoil things.

It made complete sense to have the battle wind down to Bayley and Sasha be the final two and it was a great moment for Bayley who got some revenge for the number of times Sasha double-crossed her. But a non-heel Naomi waited outside the ring, wasn't officially eliminated and came back in to eliminate Bayley. It was a heel move from someone who didn't turn and it stole Bayley's "WrestleMania moment."

Winner: IC Title Match

WWE chose a good match to officially start the show with. All three; The Miz, Finn Balor, and Seth Rollins were on their game and the back and forth action that led to Rollins winning the Intercontinental Title and becoming a grand slam champion was a good choice even if Miz and Balor would have made sense as well.

Full of high spots and close calls, this was a good way to make the Intercontinental Title more legitimate than it already was and that's important.


Loser/Winner: Asuka's Undefeated Streak Ends

We didn't want to declare this one a winner or a loser because there are fair arguments on both sides to the decision to have Charlotte end Asuka's undefeated streak. Some will say Asuka's streak was the greatest thing going in WWE right now and taking that away removes a very telling story from the women's division. Others will suggest the streak had to come to an end at some point and Charlotte was the most fitting person to end it.

Regardless of where you sit, it was an excellent match and lived up to the expectations of everyone who thought this would be the women's match to watch.


Loser: Jinder Mahal Wins U.S. Title

Almost everyone wanted Rusev to win the U.S. Title. So, of course, WWE was going to give it to the guy everyone wanted to win it the least. Mahal may deserve not to be moved down the card into obscurity but that doesn't mean giving him the U.S. Title was the right call.

It made sense to remove it from Orton who might be taking some time off and it made sense not to give it to Roode who seems to be in the middle of the wrong character development, but to give it to Mahal just screams of WWE trying to purposely not give it to Rusev.


Winner: Rousey's Debut

Fans, WWE, and the talent inside the ring couldn't have asked for a better debut match than the one delivered by Ronda Rousey. Truth be told, most people were probably extremely nervous as to how this match would go. A bad showing could completely derail the role that WWE was hoping Rousey would get on. She didn't disappoint.

Rousey pulled off excellent moves in succession, she looked like a veteran, didn't seem nervous and on the biggest stage of them all, her timing was impeccable. This might have been the match of the night, but for entirely different reasons than a normal match would be judged. She shouldn't have been this good and she was.

Losers: Usos and New Day

It's officially been proven WWE is all-in with The Bludgeon Brothers. The way the duo dismantled the Usos and New Day mean WWE has decided Bludgeon Brothers are going to be an unstoppable force that will have to meet an even more unstoppable force to take the titles away.

Unfortunately, while The BB's were winners, Usos and New Day were clear losers. That's the only downside of making one team look so powerful. The Usos, in particular, had an opportunity to really cement their legacy. The chances they take the titles from the Bludgeons is slim at best.

Loser: Elias Performance

If this was supposed to be Elias' big performance, something either went terribly wrong or WWE never intended to make this a segment worth remembering. To mix his moment with the return of the Undertaker was odd and while interrupting what was going to happen felt neat at first and the moment had a cool vibe to it at first, it fell flat and took away from the dramatic Undertaker return.

Not to mention, people had been speculating a return of The Rock, meaning this was a total letdown.

Winner: Undertaker Leaves On A High Note

via WWE

The match wasn't spectacular, it took a long while to get to the point, but at the end of the day, John Cena, WWE, and The Undertaker did the right thing by coming back for one more match to allow The Undertaker to retire on a high note.

It was the right thing for Cena to do to give this moment to The Deadman. He needed a legitimate opponent to take out to end his career and Cena clearly offered up the chance to pay respect to one the best ever. It wasn't flashy but there may not be a bigger "WrestleMania moment" to take from the night. This will be a highlight package that gets played forever.


Winner: Daniel Bryan

It wasn't the greatest match on the card but it was solid and the reason was Daniel Bryan who looked like his old self and hadn't missed a beat. It might have felt a little out of place to have him so uninvolved for the first part of the match but he came back with a vengeance and basically won the match on his own.

There was no swerve, there was no doubt and it was a feel-good moment which is probably what WWE had in mind the minute it was announced he could return to the ring.

Winner: Nia Jax

While the outcome was inevitable, let's just say this: for everyone that has ever been body-shamed or made to feel less than good about themselves, Nia Jax just represented those people with one very loud Samoan Drop from the second rope when she took out Alexa Bliss to win the Raw Women's Title.

The match was excellent and Jax got her retribution as she should have. When you think about the fact that this was probably also a childhood dream for Jax, this makes the win extra special.


Winner: The Dream Match

Shinsuke Nakamura started with the best in-ring entrance of the night and things only got better from that point on. A great match turned into a great swerve as Nakamura couldn't accept defeat and turned on Styles, low-blowing him after that match to leave him laying.

Nakamura immediately becomes SmackDown Live's top heel and it's a good role for him considering his personality and cocky nature. With Owens and Zayn gone, there's no limit to what WWE can do with a heel King of Strong Style.


Winner: Nicholas Is A Tag Champ

Wrestling purists who wanted to see the return of a WWE Superstar will hate what WWE did here. Some might even suggest this was a last minute curve ball WWE was forced to deal with, but if you're someone who loves "WrestleMania moments", this may top your list. WWE just crowned the youngest-ever champion in WWE history.

Never in the history of WWE has a Superstar gone and grabbed a 10-year-old kid out of the crowd, brought him to the ring, had him tag with a challenger and then win the tag titles. Not only that, Nicholas got into the ring with a tag that made the crowd go wild.

The whole world will be asking if this kid had any clue what was about to happen or if this entire thing was planned.


Loser: Lesnar Retains Title

It was going to be a mistake to put these guys in the main event, but WWE did so anyway. Both men were booed mercilessly. In what must have been an attempt by WWE to counteract what they knew would happen with a talent rumored to be leaving (Lesnar) and a polarizing main-eventer (Reigns), WWE went for the twist and it failed.

Lesnar delivered countless F-5's to the challenger and Reigns kicked out time and time again. Frustrated, Lesnar cut Reigns wide open with vicious strikes and Roman leaked all over himself, his opponent and the canvas. Instead of mounting a miraculous comeback, Reigns took another F-5 and lost.

What now? Is Lesnar not leaving? Was everyone wrong? Or, will WWE call in their one or two more dates and have Lesnar drop the strap on Monday? However you slice it, this was an odd way to end a very good WrestleMania.


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