Woken Matt Hardy Hints That He'll Go Back To Being Broken

Late last year, we saw Matt Hardy finally become “Woken.” After months of slight hints on social media, and even slighter hints on promos, Hardy brought to WWE the mannerisms, accent, and way with words his “Broken” character from Impact Wrestling had, and it was truly a long time coming for the WWE Universe. But for many fans, there’s a lot that’s still missing from “Woken” Matt Hardy, specifically the characters from his Broken Universe. If rumors are to be believed, it might not be much longer before these characters make their debut in the WWE.

For those who weren’t able to catch Monday Night Raw’s 25th anniversary special, that show was quite heavy on the nostalgia, but rather light in terms of wrestling action. One of the matches that night (at the Manhattan Center venue) featured Hardy going up against Bray Wyatt, and with the Eater of Worlds ending up victorious, “Woken” Matt reacted by tweeting that he will be heading to the Hardy Compound to “draw from the POWAH of [his] platoon.”


That tweet included photos featuring members of the TNA/Impact Wrestling Broken Universe who have yet to make their first appearances on WWE TV — Matt’s wife Reby (aka “Queen Rebecca”), Reby’s father/Hardy family gardener Señor Benjamin, and “King” Maxel, Matt and Reby’s 2-year-old son. This has raised speculation that these real-life family members might make up the “platoon” Matt Hardy was referring to in his post-Raw 25 tweet, and that they may be making their first WWE appearance very soon.

In the days since Raw 25, Hardy has continued hyping up his feud with Wyatt on Twitter, while also making references to returning to his “Broken beginnings.” Obviously, there has been no news confirming the signing of Reby Hardy or any other Broken Universe mainstay, but if Matt is really hinting at a return to those Broken beginnings, that would necessitate the presence of the other people (aside from Matt and his brother Jeff, aka “Brother Nero” in the Broken Universe) who helped make the kayfabe loss of Matt’s sanity one of the most memorable angles of 2016.

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All this is possible because of Matt Hardy coming to terms with Impact Wrestling parent company Anthem so that he can use his old gimmick in WWE. And while we shouldn't be surprised if we, once again, get slightly (or heavily) neutered versions of Brother Nero, Queen Rebecca, Señor Benjamin, or even King Maxel and inanimate objects like the drone Vanguard-1 and the dilapidated boat Skarsgard, bringing the rest of the Broken-verse over to WWE could spark fan interest and, pun intended, prevent Hardy from being classified as obsolete in his ongoing WWE return.

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