Royal Rumble 2019: [Spoiler] Wins The Women's Royal Rumble Match

The second ever women's Royal Rumble match was won by a Superstar who wasn't even previously announced as a participant.

This year's Royal Rumble PPV kicked off with the SmackDown Women's Title match. A first-time ever bout between Becky Lynch and Asuka. Having that match first made sense for a number of reasons. Most importantly, so that the evening began with a terrific matchup. But also so the pieces could start falling into place for the rest of the show.

Even though Lynch lost the match, many fans were likely not too disheartened. That's because many were expecting The Man to be a surprise entrant during the Royal Rumble match later in the night. We watched as Superstar after Superstar entered the fray, trying to figure out how WWE might shoehorn The Lass Kicker into the match.


Enter Lana. During the Royal Rumble kickoff show, Rusev accidentally collided with The Ravishing Russian, knocking her off the apron. Lana hurt her ankle in the process. Despite the injury, she tried to power through and still enter the Rumble. While limping to the ring, Nia Jax's number came up. Jax stopped in her tracks and took out Lana once and for all. That's when Lynch saw her opportunity.

The Man convinced Finlay, who was helping tend to Lana, to put her in the match. The Irishman finally gave in to Lynch's wishes. The crowd erupted, and so The Lass Kicker's Road To WrestleMania began. Lynch eliminated Jax, and the latter did not take it well. The Raw Superstar dealt one last blow to The Man, injuring her knee. The former Women's Champion wasn't going to let a duff knee stop her from making history, though.

Lynch staggered back into the ring and went to war with Flair. The Queen had been in the match for more than 40 minutes by this point, so wasn't exactly in the best shape either. After The Man got her nemesis onto the apron for a second time, she finally managed to knock her to the floor and win the match. Watch out Ronda Rousey, even though she hasn't announced it officially yet, we would bet a lot of money that The Man is coming for you at 'Mania.


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