Reward For Winning Women's Royal Rumble Revealed

It appears a major question regarding the first-ever women's Royal Rumble match was answered on Tuesday, and we know what the women are fighting for.

While there may still be some details to iron out and specifics that haven't yet been revealed, it appears the winner of the female Royal Rumble will face Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 34.

On SmackDown Live, after a video snippet of the announcement of the historic match on Raw, Charlotte came to the ring and gave her thoughts on the match. Calling it an amazing moment for the women of the WWE, Charlotte said, "I'll be waiting for whomever wins the Royal Rumble".

Forgetting for a second that the segment on Raw saw women who'd been battling tooth and nail over the past few weeks put their differences aside, over the years, the Royal Rumble has begun the rolling of the ball toward the main event of each successive WrestleMania. That WWE didn't announce that tradition made the announcement feel a bit lacking. Many in the WWE Universe left Monday asking, "so, what does the winner get?"


It could be that the WWE will allow whoever wins to choose their opponent. Could Alexa Bliss also make an announcement next Monday that she too is ready for whoever wins? Or, is it that if the winner of the Royal Rumble comes from Raw, they will take on the Raw Women's Champion? Or, if the winner is from SmackDown Live, will they be challenging Charlotte?

There is sure to be more to come but if Tuesday night's declaration by Charlotte tells us the future, WWE has decided Charlotte is the main woman in the WWE. She's the WWE Superstar the company is betting on. It's not a bad bet, it's just a tad surprising.

This will also leave Bliss open to either competing in the Rumble itself or waiting for her own feud and match at the show of all shows.

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