WrestleMania 35 Set To Be The Longest WWE PPV Ever

As it stands, it looks like WrestleMania 35's card will be made up of 17 matches. If so, it will be the longest WWE PPV of all time.

Once upon a time, WWE's PPVs didn't tend to last any longer than three hours. Nowadays, that's the length of Raw every Monday. Let's not harp on about the length of Raw and rather focus in on the PPVs. Some of WWE's bigger shows have become absolute marathons. Even when the action is good it can be a struggle to watch from start to finish. When it's bad then you feel every last minute of it.

The biggest marathon of all is WrestleMania. Ever since the introduction of the WWE Network, Vince McMahon has been adamant that pretty much everyone on the roster should be on the card. That has led to the biggest show of the year getting longer and longer. According to Forbes, WrestleMania 32 had a runtime of 286 minutes, the following year's event clocked in at 305 minutes, and last year's show was even longer again at 314 minutes.


Eventually, you would imagine that something's got to give. That inevitability will not be happening this time around. It looks as if next month's card is going to feature a mammoth 17 matches. If that does happen, it will be the most loaded card in WWE history. So far only seven matches have been confirmed, but it seems highly likely that there are ten more to come across the kickoff show and the main card.

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Shockingly, if that does happen, the record the event will break is one that has stood for more than three decades. Despite the past three WrestleManias being so long, it's WrestleMania 4 that currently holds the record for most matches on one 'Mania card. For you younger fans, that event featured so many matches due to it playing host to a tournament to crown a new WWE Champion.

It seems as if WrestleMania is once again going to be about the same length as a full day at work. Let's just hope WWE doesn't make it feel like a full day at work. If the show is well booked and the matches are entertaining then the show will fly by. If not, then those six or seven hours will drag by and make us resent staying up until a stupid hour of the morning just to watch Brock Lesnar win again.


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