WWE Superstars React To Kevin Owens' Pipe Bomb Promo

Kevin Owens delivered a scathing promo aimed squarely at Shane McMahon on SmackDown. Seems he isn't the only one who feels that way.

Last week on SmackDown, it felt as if WWE was planting the seeds for something bigger when it came to Kevin Owens. For seemingly no reason whatsoever, KO turned babyface and chose to taunt Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon. This week, that taunting was taken to the next level, and it seems as if WWE finally has big plans for Owens once again.

This week's SmackDown opened with a parking lot brawl between Owens and Dolph Ziggler. After being sent home by McMahon, KO reappeared later and cut a scathing promo, most of which was about Shane O'Mac. The former Universal Champion referenced the McMahon family promising they would give the fans what they want, and since then, the only thing that has changed is the amount of screen time Shane gets.

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Before having his mic cut off and being chased from the arena, Owens reeled off a few Superstars WWE seems to have forgotten. Wrestlers who are being kept off TV so that McMahon can play wrestler. Some of them have since reacted to KO on Twitter, thanking him for the mention. Most notably Ali, and also Buddy Murphy who hasn't wrestled a match since making the move to SmackDown.

Other WWE Superstars who weren't mentioned by name, but have been absent from TV, also acknowledged KO's promo. Liv Morgan, who is also waiting to return to SmackDown, described Owens as the GOAT. Meanwhile, her former Riott Squad teammate Ruby Riott retweeted the clip of the promo and simply wrote "the coolest."

Although Owens' SmackDown promo was obviously planned, it clearly caught the attention and instilled hope for a lot of the Superstars he shares a locker room with. Him mentioning their names, and calling out Shane O'Mac for eating up TV time, is clarification that they have not been forgotten. Here's hoping that KO leads some sort of revolt in the coming weeks, and that all the names mentioned above and more will be in tow.

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