Writer Who Quit During WWE HOF Ceremony Announces Wrestling Return In Comical Video

The writer who "quit" WWE during the recent Hall of Fame ceremony is ready to get back in the wrestling business, but it appears he's intent on going straight to the ring.

Robert Evans, now going by the name R.D. "Quitman" Evans on Twitter helped Bret Hart write his HOF speech. Aside from Bret getting tackled to the floor by a rogue fan during his speech, he also mentioned Vince McMahon's name several times. McMahon apparently hates being mentioned during the ceremony and was irate after hearing his name rattle off Hart's tongue.

He is reported as having fired Evans during the show but the latter claimed that he quit the promotion in a very brief statement reading: "I quit WWE".

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According to PWInsider, Evans did, in fact, quit. However, he only did so because he saw what was coming.

The writer, who joined the WWE creative team back in 2016, posted a video to Twitter this week, comically detailing his version of events. In the video, Evans cannot say McMahon's name without it getting bleeped out - even in real-life. He tears the cardboard box he's thrown out with to write a "Will wrestle for food" sign but thinks the better of it and says he will only wrestle Independent star Orange Cassidy for food.

Evans does have a bit of a history in the ring, having wrestled for Ring of Honor and Chikara before joining WWE. He worked under the name Archibald Peck for the latter before his move.

He also managed Tomasso Ciampa, who has gone on to become NXT Champion.

What This Means

Evans' short video shows why he was able to land a job as a WWE writer but how he made such a mistake - given that McMahon not wanting his name mentioned at the HOF ceremony is a running joke in the company - is amazing in itself.

Perhaps it was done on purpose?

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