Tommy Fleetwood's British Open Winnings Sent To The Wrong Person

PGA golfer and recent British Open competitor, Tommy Fleetwood found out that thanks to a clerical error, the wrong person received his winnings and just over $150K.

According to ESPN.com, the European Tour sent the nearly £120,000 (or nearly $155,000) that Tommy Fleetwood won for finishing in 12th place at the Open Championship to a golf teacher in Florida who just so happens to share the same name.

Somehow, the Fleetwood who did receive the money — also a former PGA professional and now golf teacher — had the money transferred into his Wells Fargo account. Being the honest guy he is, he told the European tour about it, they corrected the "clerical error" and informed the real Tommy Fleetwood.

Perhaps one of the more amazing parts of this story is that when the currently contending Fleetwood was asked for comment, he said that if he hadn't been informed about the error, he might not have noticed. "I honestly didn't know anything about it," Fleetwood said of his missing prize money, per the Guardian. "I wouldn't even know if I'd been paid or not because I don't really look. It looks pretty genuine, and they are looking into it and I'm sure they'll feel pretty bad about it. It's a funny story."

That's a guy who doesn't seem to get too concerned about money but also shows just how financially well-off PGA players may be when they've started to become successful. It's hard to imagine never noticing that you didn't receive over $150K as part of your job.

Fleetwood is currently ranked 11th in the world on the PGA tour, 23rd in FedEx Cup standings and won over $1,296,000 at the US Open in June. Perhaps he's telling the truth that he might not have noticed a mere $150K.

The European Tour has since fixed his file ensuring something like this never happens again — at least as far as Fleetwood is concerned.


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