WWE 2K19 Pedigree Glitch Is A Hilariously Devastating Finisher

Video games of today tend to have glitches. That's not a surprise. But, the WWE 2K19 glitch this particular Reddit user found makes for one awfully funny finishing maneuver.

Reddit user u/kryler decided to post a video of the new WWE 2K19 game, specifically a section of the game he/she found while playing. The series occurs when they tried to apply a pedigree finisher to their opponent and the game went crazy. The glitch turned the move into one of the best finishing moves in history, equipped with an oversell that would make even Dolph Ziggler jealous.

The video of that glitch is below:

It's expected games will have some errors while playing. Maybe a screen doesn't load or you can walk your wrestler right through a cage or a wall, but it doesn't always happen that the glitch works out to make the move you were about to apply ten times better than it was originally supposed to be. Such is the case with this glitch.

There have been all sorts of social media posts showcasing the glitches in the game but for gamers, this often part of the experience. Each year, there are new wrestlers, new modes, new moves, and new glitches and some players like finding the errors almost as much as they enjoy playing.

Just imagine if this was the type of move that could be delivered in a real wrestling match! The person delivering the move shakes uncontrollably, the person receiving the move hits so hard he pops up 15 feet in the air before landing back on the canvas. I'm not sure what that move would be called but you can just imagine the announce team saying something like "as God as my witness, he is broken in half!"


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