WWE 2K19 Trailer Teases Ultimate Deletion Match In-Game

The first gameplay trailer for WWE 2K19 has dropped a little less than a month before the game's release and there is a lot to get excited about.

WWE 2K19 will be available come October 9, 2018, or October 5 if you opt for the deluxe edition in order to play four days early. So far the only information released about the game has been the usual, that being the roster and Superstar ratings. We also know that 2K Showcase will return this year with the focus being on Daniel Bryan's career and that players will have the opportunity to compete in the million dollar challenge.

Normally, the gameplay trailer for WWE video games, and sports games in general, isn't anything to get too excited about. A new game is released every year and it's normally just an excuse to update the rosters and slightly improve the graphics. However, that is not the case with WWE 2K19. The first gameplay trailer dropped this week and although none of it has been officially confirmed, there is a lot on show to get excited about.


Honestly, a lot of what is included has downright confused us, but in an exciting way if that makes any sort of sense. First of all, the main focus of the trailer, that is a thread throughout, seems to be the inclusion of an Ultimate Deletion match. The ad begins with Bray Wyatt standing over a body on the Hardy Compound and later we are shown a house that has been set alight, presumably by The Eater Of Worlds. He is also featured later wearing a gas mask and holding the Intercontinental Title.

Another image that features more than once is what seems to be a zombie version of Triple H. Zombies have not only become popular in many non-zombie themed video games, but WWE has also released zombie action figures of various Superstars so this is likely an extension of that. There are also references to AJ Styles' million dollar challenge, including The Phenomenal One holding up a briefcase with WWE 2K19 emblazoned on it and a gold version of him standing alone in the ring at the very end of the trailer.

Aside from all of that, there were a couple of moments in the trailer that simply made us happy. Hearing the Million Dollar Man's laugh, being reminded that Rey Mysterio will be making his return to a virtual ring, and seeing Ronda Rousey fade into Roddy Piper was a cool image to see. It will be the first time Piper has been included on a WWE game for three years.


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