WWE 2K20's "Bump In The Night" Pack Will Feature The Fiend & FrankenStrowman

WWE 2K20 players will be able to take control of The Fiend this Halloween should they download the Bump In The Night pack.

It is well and truly WWE 2K season. The time of year during which announcements regarding WWE's upcoming video game come thick and fast. We already know who WWE 2K20's cover stars will be, and that Chyna and Hulk Hogan will be playable characters. Now we know what WWE 2K20's pre-order bonus is going to be, and it's good.

WWE 2K made the reveal on Twitter this week that the pre-order pack will be called the Bump In The Night pack. The biggest inclusion will be a playable version of Bray Wyatt's alter ego, The Fiend. The Fiend's entrance stole the show at SummerSlam this past weekend, so we sincerely hope that is included as a part of the pack. We're assuming it will be.

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While The Fiend is the part of the Bump In The Night pack we are looking forward to most, it is just the start of what's included. The pack has been labeled as a WWE 2K20 Original, and will be one of four released as DLC packs for the game. All four will have themes, and due to the time of year WWE 2K20 will be released, the Bump In The Night pack's theme is Halloween.

via WWE 2K

Also included in the pack will be creepy versions of other WWE Superstars. FrankenStrowman, "Wicked" Aleister Black, and "Unleashed Apex Predator" Randy Orton, among others. The Halloween versions of these Superstars will be a part of various Story 2K Towers that will also be exclusive to players who own the Bump In The Night pack.

There are two ways to get your hands on The Fiend and everything else included in the Bump In The Night pack. The first is by pre-ordering WWE 2K20. If you do that, the pack will be yours upon release for absolutely free. Should you not pre-order the game, never fear. You will still be able to download the pack, but it will come at a cost. $14.99, to be exact. For details on everything included in the pack, pay WWE 2K's site a visit.

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