Rumor: WWE To Add A Second WrestleMania

WWE is rumored to be adding a second WrestleMania to its calendar and is hoping to make it a staple by 2020.

No matter what happens the rest of the year, no matter how bad things get, you can almost guarantee and fall back on the fact that at least once a year WWE will put on a terrific and unmissable show. We are of course talking about WrestleMania. Yes, there are exceptions, and not all of the 34 WrestleManias that there have been so far have been home runs. For the most part though, it is the highlight of the WWE year.

When it comes to the rest of the year, what Vince McMahon and co really need to be careful of is overkill. The WWE chairman seems to think that more is more and is overloading fans with content. Thankfully, he seems to have become a little more self-aware. The pro wrestling juggernaut has been cutting back on the number of PPVs and we are thankful for that. A big show every two weeks was getting to be a little much.


Unfortunately, recent reports suggest that WWE is now swinging back the other way and falling into old habits. Barnburner reported on Tuesday that according to its sources, WWE is planning to have two WrestleManias per year by 2020. If that does happen, it will likely follow a similar format to the Royal Rumble and Greatest Royal Rumble with one taking place internationally.

The second WrestleMania will take place in October of each year, meaning that it will be as far away from the regularly scheduled WrestleMania as possible timewise, and probably in terms of distance too. WWE's deal with Saudi Arabia could see an October WrestleMania take place there, it could make an appearance in Australia where the Super Show Down is being staged in October of this year, or even in London where British fans are clamoring for more big WWE shows.

These aren't just early reports when it comes to the potential of a second WrestleMania being added to WWE's calendar, they are merely rumors. Considering what WWE has been doing with big shows internationally this year though it isn't unlikely that this could happen in the future. What that will mean for the original WWE cornerstone that is Wrestlemania is anyone's guess. Hopefully, it won't water down the iconic event.


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Rumor: WWE To Add A Second WrestleMania