WWE Announces 10-Man Battle Royal For Raw [Photo]

WWE has announced a huge 10-man, All-Star Battle Royal for tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw and the participants are top notch.

It was promoted earlier on Monday that new Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar would be at Raw, live and in person. There wasn't a report about what he would be doing on the show, but it appears he'll be watching intently as 10 different WWE Superstars try and earn the right to face him for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam.

10 of the best WWE has to offer will step into the ring to face off and try and land their spot on WWE's potentially second-biggest show of the year. SummerSlam is certainly the biggest show on the summer calendar for the company and with competitors like Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Rey Mysterio, Cesaro, Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, Braun Strowman. Sami Zayn, Randy Orton, and Big E involved, what the main event turns out to be is anyone's guess.

Interestingly, WWE removed the official tweet from their social media page as if to suggest that wasn't something they wanted out in the public. Perhaps it was because it looks like Daniel Bryan is now being replaced by Sami Zayn.

What This Means

That WWE has chosen to include names like Big E and Mysterio over Kevin Owens and AJ Styles and Ricochet is also interesting. Is this a reflection of where new Executive Director, Paul Heyman sees these men in the pecking order of the roster? Or, is this more about him having other plans for them?

Eventually, WWE did post more content regarding the Battle Royal and the story is up on WWE.com so we do have confirmation it is happening. Like we said earlier, perhaps the participants have changed and WWE removed the tweet as a correction.

This is one of the most star-studded casts for a Battle Royal WWE has ever put together and it's hard to predict who will win. Logic suggests Rollins may get a chance to redeem himself after being distracted and losing the Universal Championship at Extreme Rules. That said, how can you overlook Roman Reigns, Bruan Strowman?

WWE is taking an interesting direction for its first show under new Executive Director Paul Heyman. This Battle Royal will be a match to watch.

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