WWE Announces Mick Foley For Raw To Introduce New Championship

WWE snuck in a major announcement during Money in the Bank on Sunday. Mick Foley will return to Raw on Monday to introduce a new WWE title.

After the Shane McMahon vs. The Miz match, WWE announcers told the viewing audience that WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley will be on Raw tomorrow night to announce a new title belt for the company. A completely unexpected announcement that didn't sneak through on any of the dirt sheets or rumor mill, this is the first we’ve heard of any new belts coming to WWE. Could it be a Hardcore Title?

Clearly, WWE will answer that question tomorrow on Raw, in what has to be an attempt to draw attention and ratings to the show.

If we get more information on this announcement or WWE.com gives any updates, we will bring you more as we have it.

Chances are, WWE won't add much in the way of news to the announcement in an effort to keep fans guessing and ensure they tune in on Monday to watch.

What This Means

Everyone will wonder title belt WWE could possibly introduce. The company already seemingly has every title under the sun. So many, in fact, WWE can't seem to get all their title holders on the show.

Many will jump to the idea that this might be a Hardcore Title. After all, who better to introduce a Hardcore Championship than Foley? That said, with WWE now clearly a PG product, one has to wonder how that would work?

The idea might be to have a 24/7 belt that could be won at any time by anyone. With the new Wild Card Rule, WWE is looking for ways to add unpredictability to the show. This would certainly be that, even if a terrible idea.

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