WWE Announces NXT Halftime Heat Special to Compete With Super Bowl

In an effort to compete with the Super Bowl, WWE is showcasing the NXT talent with a "Halftime Heat" match during the break of NFL's big game.

Obviously, WWE isn't going to actually compete with the NFL and their flagship game to decide the champions. But, year after year there are complaints about the halftime show offered by the league that owns Sundays. WWE sees this as an opportunity to potentially showcase arguably the hottest brand in their company.

Coming off a huge show in NXT Take Over: Pheonix, the members of the six-man tag match what will be featured in this match have the potential to blow the socks off anyone who chooses to switch the channel from the game to the WWE Network. Names like Ricochet, Velveteen Dream, Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, and others will be relied upon to prove NXT is among the best talent in the industry.

WWE officially announced the match during the Royal Rumble pay-per-view knowing there was already a huge audience of fans watching. Those same fans are likely big football fans and will be happy to ignore Maroon 5 (the booked halftime entertainers for the NFL) and watch 20 minutes of the NXT's hottest stars.

What This Means

This is not a match fans will want to miss. High-risk takers like Ricochet and personalities like Velveteen Dream should make this an instant classic. Keeping in mind that these future WWE Superstars will have potentially the biggest audience tuning in to watch, there's no end to the spots and tricks they might try.

It will also be quite different from the last Halftime Heat WWE put together when the Rock faced off against Mick Foley in an empty arena. If you enjoyed NXT Takeover: Phoenix, something suggests you'll love this 6 Man Tag Team Match.

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