WWE Asks What Fans Want To See At WrestleMania 36

WWE put out another edition of List This! and in it, they wondered what fans might want to see at next year's WrestleMania event?

WrestleMania 35 is now in the books for WWE and by many accounts, it was a hugely successful show. It might not have included some of the biggest personalities and names in WWE history, but it included 16 matches and a variety of title changes, as well as it being the first WrestleMania in history ever to be main-evented by women. In many respects, the event was historic.

With the event now in the rearview mirror, WWE is asking what might fans want to see at next year's WrestleMania?

As part of an episode of List This!, they included the idea of Roman Reigns squaring off against The Rock. Such a match would feature two of the biggest names in wrestling over the past decade, but also cousin vs. cousin.

WWE suggested John Cena might take on North American Champion Velveteen Dream (a match Cena has said publicly he wants), MMA competitors Matt Riddle vs. Brock Lesnar, the Horsewomen of WWE vs. The Horsewomen of MMA and Finn Balor in a Universal Title match.

All seem like great ideas and speak to how much WWE might be listening to the performers themselves. Many of these wrestlers have stated, in unique ways, how they'd like to be involved in these matches in some respect.

What This Means

Will WWE actually do half of what this video suggests? Probably not. That said, by this time next year, Dream should be on the main roster, the Horsewomen might be a faction in WWE and Balor will have worked himself back into the conversation for the big prize.

The question is, can WWE convince The Rock and John Cena to take time away from the hectic Hollywood schedules to be part of the biggest show WWE will offer in 2020?

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