WWE Bringing Back Big-Name Former Star Later This Month

It appears a former star and former WWE Champion will be returning to the company next month as Kane is scheduled for a series of return matches.

Kane coming back may not be a return that equals big ratings or draw huge numbers at live events but anytime The Big Red Machine makes a comeback in WWE, it is noteworthy. This is especially true considering how busy one-half of the Brothers Of Destruction is outside of the wrestling industry these days.

As part of the schedule that will see Kane back between the ropes, he is currently advertised for the RAW live event on Friday, August 23 in Bossier City, Louisiana and the RAW live event on Saturday, August 24 in Lafayette, LA (h/t to PWInsider).

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Kane is scheduled to face Braun Strowman at the Lafayette show which seems to suggest he'll be returning as heel character since Braun is currently being pushed as a babyface Monster like he was when he first debuted.

For fans that don't know, Kane has also been busy working outside of WWE with his new wrestling academy. He and former producer Dr. Tom Prichard opened the Jacobs-Prichard Wrestling Academy (JPWA), a new wrestling school that has been given a few recent referrals from current Superstars like Titus O'Neil and Rusev.

What This Means

The last time fans saw Kane in a WWE ring, he was wrestling alongside The Undertaker at WWE Crown Jewel Verdi’s DX almost 10 months ago. It's strange to think it's been almost a year since he last competed in WWE.

Understandably, Kane has been busy and has little time for regular WWE action or the travel schedule since he began working as the Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. He was elected Mayor in 2018.

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