WWE Changes Social Media Policy Thanks To Low Ratings

Thanks to ever-decreasing ratings, WWE is making a change to its YouTube policies. They will no longer post videos of the show during the show.

If you're one of the many WWE fans who like to watch sports entertainment on YouTube during both Raw and SmackDown Live, there's a change coming you might not like. In an effort to help increase ratings, — which again hit an extreme low for Monday's Raw — WWE is going to delay the uploading of videos to YouTube. In short, if you want to watch Raw or SmackDown on YouTube, you're going to have to wait an hour or two.

Traditionally, WWE is loading content from both of their flagships shows in near real time. Fans can follow along on YouTube and other social media outlets and rewatch certain clips of the shows, or, should they not be able to catch the programs live on television, watch from their mobile devices highlights of each segment. According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, in an effort to get more fans to migrate to their tv sets, this will cease immediately. This new policy is why videos weren't loaded right away during the most recent Raw on Monday.

What This Means

As it stands right now, the change will not be made to Twitter or other social media outlets beyond YouTube. That said, if ratings continue to drop (maybe, if they go up), WWE may implement this change on all social media. The only thing that might remain untouched is any exclusive content that is filmed directly for YouTube and not aired on either of tv networks.

As WWE faces increased pressure from NBC and FOX to up their ratings, expect more changes. Neither network paid over $1 billion each to pick up a program whose ratings are in the toilet.

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