WWE Comes to Terms on Release of TJP and Hideo Itami

After releasing Tye Dillinger, WWE announced the release of two other WWE Superstars, this time releasing TJP (Theodore Perkins) and Hideo Itami (Kenta Kobayashi) of 205 Live.

Itami never was able to gain ground on NXT or in 205 Live despite being a highly-touted pick up by WWE. There were whispers some time ago that he would be requesting his release and it appears WWE granted it.

What's interesting about the timing of TJP's release is the fact that it comes just days after Ricochet debuted on Raw and TJP took to social media to take shots at the NXT star's debut. Citing the fact that Ricochet was stealing his moveset, he wasn't pleased and in responses to fans, made mention of the fact that he'd had his shot in WWE, and didn't feel as though he was bound to get another one.

Either WWE saw this and determined those comments were enough to warrant a release or TJP saw the writing on the wall and was simply stating what he figured was already coming. He did wind up wishing Ricochet the best saying he was awesome and deserved his shot, but the tweets were already out there, potentially getting noticed by higher-ups in the company.

Perkins was the first-ever WWE Cruiserweight Champion after winning the tournament which exclusively aired on WWE Network. At the time he was deemed to be one of the next bright Cruiserweight stars but when 205 Live struggled out of the gate, and with TJP as the champion, that likely sealed his fate moving forward. He never quite lived up to the hype and after failing to gain his spot back over other players like Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy, was released.

What This Means

These are the second and third releases by WWE on Friday and despite the rumors the company is working to keep talent from leaving and potentially heading to the rival upstart AEW, WWE doesn't seem too worried about certain talent, TJP and Itami being two of them.

WWE did not wish either the best in their future endeavors.

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