WWE Confirms Aleister Black Is Injured, Will Miss NXT TakeOver

WWE has confirmed that former NXT champion Aleister Black will miss NXT TakeOver due to injury. No names have been mentioned as his replacement. In fact, William Regal has changed the main event completely.

After a storyline in NXT that saw Black attacked in a parking lot and laid broken and beaten, questions arose as to whether or not he'd be able to take his place in the main event match at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV. Rumors of real-life injuries had Black questionable and after finding out he was unable to compete, NXT has changed the match.

Regal announced on Thursday, "Unfortunately, I've just talked to the doctors and Aleister Black has sustained substantial injuries and will no longer be in the main event at TakeOver: Brooklyn. I'm investigating everything I can about this and while Aleister is no longer standing, two men are. So in the main event for the NXT Championship at TakeOver: Brooklyn, it will be Johnny Gargano versus Tomasso Ciampa in a Last Man Standing Match."

Meanwhile, WWE and NXT are currently running with the idea of trying to figure out who attacked Black in the parking lot. Recent video was released foreshadowing a number of possible suspects and whoever is discovered to be behind the attack will likely have an immediate feud with the former champion before he is eventually called up to the main roster where many believe Black has the goods to be a huge star in WWE.

This looks to be a storyline NXT will be pushing quite hard over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, Gargano and Ciampa will now meet for their third main event match and will likely have their work up for match of the night, as they have many times in the past. This may bring closure to their feud and if so, the two should be candidates for rivals of the year.


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