WWE Confirms Superstar ShakeUp Starting Next Week On Raw

WWE confirmed on this week's edition of Raw, the Superstars on both rosters will be part of another Superstar Shakeup.

In the opening segment of Raw this week, as new WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and The New Day stood in the ring and challenged new Universal Champion Seth Rollins to a Winner Take All match, Kofi subtly threw in the fact that WWE was going to go through a Superstar Shakeup next week starting on next Monday's Raw emanating from Montreal. The crowd went crazy knowing stars from SmackDown Live could come to Raw and Raw stars would head to Tuesday night. WWE later confirmed on social media and the show that the rosters would see a drastic overhaul.

With Rollins and Kofi battling later that night for the titles, it was hard to know how that was going to affect the rosters and with stars moving around, anything was possible. With both men actually retaining their titles and fighting The Bar instead (foreshadowing what the Shakeup might look like) it became clear, New Day could move to Monday and Rollins to Tuesdays, among other major stars and titles changing shows.

What This Means

Anything can happen in a Superstar Shakeup. Expect big names from one brand to go to another and for stars who haven't gotten a fair shake on one roster to get a fresh look on a different night. Also, expect WWE to start moving the best in-ring workers over the SmackDown Live in preparation for their more smash-mouth and less soap-opera-style that FOX badly wants on its station with the new WWE tv deal.

This will also lead to other questions like, 'Will Raw and SmackDown Live bring back general managers?' or, 'Will one roster get loaded with a certain style as happened last year when Raw got all the Cruiserweights and SmackDown Live got all the good tag teams?'

Only time will tell but it's one of the most anticipated two shows of the year for fans who have no idea what to expect.

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