WWE Continues Reigns Mystery Attacker Story With Car Crash Segment

While announcing the attack on Roman Reigns last week was an “accident” a hit and run segment this week of Raw proved that it wasn’t.

On this past Tuesday’s SmackDown Live, Roman Reigns fell victim to what looked to be a backstage attack when a set of staging equipment nearly crushed him as he was making his way to a backstage interview. WWE hinted that anyone from Buddy Murphy to Erick Rowan might be responsible and in the court of public opinion, it appeared most fans felt Samoa Joe was responsible. The company later publicly stated the attack was not actually an attack, instead of a fluke accident as a result of a forklift driver improperly stacking the backstage equipment in question.

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As Monday’s Raw began, Joe was prepared to hold up the show until Reigns apologized for letting people believe Joe was responsible. By the end of the second hour of the broadcast, Joe was hunting down Reigns in the parking lot to share his displeasure. As Reigns stepped out of his rental car to greet Joe, another vehicle came flying in and flanked Reigns sending him back into the car and narrowly avoiding being crushed by the oncoming vehicle.

Stunned, Joe tried to check on Reigns as the car rushed off.

What This Means

The segment likely proved a few things. First, last week’s attacker is still out there and had yet to be revealed. Second, Joe is probably not the man responsible.

It will be interesting to see if WWE reveals the attacker before this Sunday’s SummerSlam or chooses to keep the person trying to take out Reigns a secret. The company has literally one tv show remaining before the pay-per-view.

Most people believe Daniel Bryan is behind the attacks and fans may learn the identity of the attacker as early as Tuesday night.

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