WWE Could Extend Sasha Banks' Contract If She Keeps Sitting Out [Rumor]

Sasha Banks was absent from Monday Night Raw for the third consecutive week, as The Legit Boss continues to consider her future with WWE.

Banks has been away since her and Bayley lot the Women's Tag Team Championships to The IIconics at WrestleMania 35. Banks and Bayley were upset when they learned at the last minute that they would be losing the titles. The duo reportedly believed that they would be holding onto the titles even longer.

On top of that, Banks wasn't happy to learn that her and Bayley would soon split as a tag team. The latter was moved to the SmackDown Live brand via the Superstar Shake-up, while Banks remains on the Raw roster for the time being.

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Dave Meltzer updated the situation on Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Ringside News), and said the saga is at a "stalemate" right now. On top of that, Meltzer added that WWE could keep extending Banks' contract while she sits out. This would prevent her from being able to leave WWE as she may desire.

"Sasha Banks, the situation is unchanged. They are right now at a stalemate and the word — of course you know how this goes — but the word is that if she wants to sit out the rest of her contract she can sit out the rest of her contract.

Of course, if you know what that means that means she’s going to be sitting out forever because they’re going to add time for her not working so kinda — these contracts are very very difficult."

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And so, the entire situation doesn't seem to have a resolution in site. Banks will have to continue to take the necessary time off to think about her future in WWE, although it seems like the company isn't thrilled on the idea of releasing one of its top talents.

Interestingly, Brad Shepard of Pro Sports Extra recently reported that Banks could return to WWE soon, and that there have talks about her possibly winning the women's Money in the Bank contract at next month's pay-per-view. If that's the case, it could be another month until we see Banks on television again.

What This Means

If WWE is unwilling to release Banks from her contract, and if she has the desire to leave, then it's really anybody's guess when the matter will be resolved. WWE would probably have to promise Banks quite the push if they want to convince her to stay - or even consider reuniting her with Bayley.

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