WWE Discussing Renee Young's Removal From Raw Commentary

After making history by bringing on Renee Young as the first-ever female announcer on WWE Raw, the company has discussed her removal from the position as a broadcaster on Monday nights.

In a short amount of time, Young has done what no other female in WWE has ever done before.

Renee Young made WWE history as the first full-time female commentator on WWE television. She broke barriers by being the first female announcer on WWE's flagship show Raw, but also became the one and only female to appear at the WWE Crown Jewel event and WWE's only female employee permitted to join the rest of the WWE cast to Saudi Arabia.

While she's been the first to admit her role change from panelist to broadcaster/announcer has been challenging, most would agree she's done an admirable job and has quickly become a complimentary voice to regulars Michael Cole and Corey Graves. Reports from Rajah.com suggests that may not be enough.

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The site writes, “there have been discussions with WWE officials to take Renee Young off of the Raw commentary team.” Why has not been determined.

What This Means

If this is true, this is a major step backward for WWE who has done a lot to include the females of the company as a huge part of the presentation. Young only helps cement their inclusion as a voice fans hear during every major part of the action.

It won't take long for some fans to assume this could have something to do with Dean Ambrose potentially leaving WWE in April. Is this a sign that Young may be leaving as well? Or, is this just a matter of WWE punishing Young for Ambrose's refusal to extend his contract? Renee Young and Ambrose are married.

If this is in some way connected to Ambrose, this would be an extremely unwise decision by WWE. Ambrose is popular but replaceable. Young is a much more coveted commodity proving she is versatile in many roles.

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