WWE Does Not Mention Saudi Arabia In Crown Jewel Promotions On Raw

While speculation runs rampant that WWE might be re-thinking their involvement with Saudi Arabia, the company didn't do much to calm rumors when not announcing the host country's name during the show. During the entirety of Monday's Raw, the announce panel and marketing team made sure not include the words Saudi Arabia when promoting Crown Jewel.

While an official announcement has not been made by WWE, this will undoubtedly lead to speculation that WWE has indeed pulled out of their show taking place in Saudi Arabia. If so, it makes sense considering several United States senators have called on WWE to rethink their plans for the November 2nd show and the media has had a field day bashing WWE for sticking with the event in spite of the news that Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi was tortured and killed in the Saudi consulate in Turkey.

If what announcers and wrestlers said on the show means anything, Crown Jewel will still certainly take place. Qualifying matches took place, the words Crown Jewel were all over the program but absent from any announcements were the words "Saudi Arabia". Instead, the catch-phrase of the night was 'WWE Crown Jewel taking place in three weeks and streaming live on WWE Network.'

So too, any graphics or social media posts that might have previously included Saudi Arabia in the description have been removed. WWE has seemingly steered clear of mentioning where the event will take place at all.

Is this the company's way of removing itself from the location and potentially getting set to announce a new location? Will the date of the event itself change? Are they still undecided and until further notice just playing it safe? An announcement by WWE is expected. If the brand spent three hours purposely avoiding the words Saudi Arabia, there has to be a reason.


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