WWE Appears To Have Big Plans For DX During Raw's Reunion Show

WWE's Raw Reunion is set to be pretty big and as with every other show like this, it will largely revolve around D-Generation X.

There was once a time when Vince McMahon would openly mock rival promotions for using performers over the age of 40. Fast forward to the present day and the chairman can't help but bring all of his former Superstars back whenever he needs to pop a rating. Hence the Raw Reunion show that will take place this Monday.

So far the guest list is almost 40 names long. Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, the list of who will be in attendance goes on and on. It is starting to feel a little like WWE will have the same issues it had with Raw 25. That show was so packed with past Superstars that they struggled to fit them all on the show. Admittedly, on that occasion, WWE also had the added headache of Raw taking place across two venues.

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This time around, Raw will emanate from just one arena in Tampa, Florida. However, as mentioned above, there will be a lot of people to cram into those three hours. As usual, when it comes to Raws of this magnitude, it seems as if D-Generation X will feature heavily. Triple H will obviously be in attendance, as will Shawn Michaels who is supposedly joining the SmackDown announce team the following night.

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X-Pac has also confirmed that he will be on the show, as will Road Dogg since he works for the company. The only name that is currently up in the air is Billy Gunn since he currently works for AEW. Ringside News has reported that local ads for the Raw Reunion mainly focus on the fact that DX will be on the show. There will also be Raw Reunion DX t-shirts on sale for fans in attendance.

DX featuring heavily on any WWE show is the opposite of a problem. However, we hope they don't take up so much time that it cuts into the segments of other returning stars we want to see. We'd much rather see Stone Cold get a lengthy segment, although if the cut short whatever's planned for Hogan, that's fine by us.

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