[Photo] WWE Hall Of Famer Looks Jacked And Ready To Wrestle Again

If there was ever a doubt that Edge wasn't in ring shape, a recent photo the WWE Hall of Famer posted on Instagram should squash that doubt.

From most accounts, Edge is still dealing with some serious injury issues. But, at the lastest SummerSlam, he returned to deliver a spear and get physical in the ring for the first time since he announced his retirement at the age of 37. Now 45, there were whispers he might have at least one more match left in him.

A recent photo Edge posted during a workout on Instagram has to suggest, if his injuries aren't a worry, he's definitely looking better than he ever has before.

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Ok, so here goes. Looks like I’m diving headfirst into the ocean of cheesey gym selfies. No toe dipping here. Yikes. However, I decided to do this to best explain this past year, and maybe help give someone some incentive. Last fall we lost my Mom and my father in law John within a two month span. I didn’t fully grasp the emotional fallout until I looked in the mirror one day and I didn’t like what I saw. At all. I’d stopped training. I stopped dieting, to a huge degree. I just stopped...living like me. Living in the present. Stuck in that past. I was obviously in mourning. But I came to the conclusion my Mom and John wouldn’t want this, and I’d look at my girls and realize that if I want to be around for them, I needed to get off my rapidly expanding butt and get to work getting healthy. I reached out to @nutritionsolutions and got my diet dialed in. I can’t say enough about this company, they’re amazing, and this isn’t a paid endorsement. Then I started putting in the sweat equity. Slowly but surely, I started coming out of the funk. Less lethargic. I started feeling vibrant. Vital. Happy. Like me. Which makes me a better dad and partner. A better person period. I used every excuse I could to stay stuck. Injuries and everything else I already outlined. But the only way I got unstuck, was to JUST. GET. MOVING. So if this reaches even one person out there who may feel stuck, just know, you’re not alone and you can change it.

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Giving a ton of credit to a company called @nutritionsolutions, Edge said the loss of some very close family members left him overweight and unhealthy. He decided he needed to get in better shape to live his life the way they would have wanted and he got his diet "dialed in", got to working harder and the results seem to speak for themselves.

What This Means

I don't think Edge has ever looked better. In fact, he may look better now than he ever did when competing for WWE. Does this mean he's eyeing a comeback? Maybe not. After all, he says this was just about looking in the mirror and not liking what he saw. Still, with the kind of shape he's in, if he was medically cleared, I can't imagine why WWE wouldn't welcome him back with open arms.

Edge said he wasn't keen on posting the photo and joining the never-ending group of people who post gym selfies but he was proud he was able to turn things around. His Instagram account was flooded by congratulations from current WWE Superstars right after he posted it. Definitely worth making an exception and posting the photo.

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