WWE Drops Elias’ Debut Album And It’s Hilarious

WWE has officially dropped Elias's debut album and it is basically four short tracks of solid gold.

Elias has been an absolute revelation since he made the move from NXT to Raw in 2017. The Drifter didn't really make much of an impact at Full Sail and those who watch the black and yellow brand were likely rolling their eyes when he showed up on Monday nights. Since his call-up though, Elias has gone from strength to strength and is one of the most popular acts on Raw.

Since Elias's success on Raw, Triple H has claimed that he knew from day one that the guitar-wielding character was always destined for the main roster and NXT was simply a pit stop. In hindsight, that actually makes complete sense. Elias was never really pushed at Full Sail and was simply just, well there. On Raw, though he has almost become Intercontinental Champion and was even included in the Universal Title number one contender triple threats last week.


Elias will likely claim that he lost last week because he had his mind on an upcoming milestone, that being the release of his debut album. The four-track record dropped on iTunes today and you can listen to it in full below. If you ask us, it's as brilliant as you'd expect. It begins with what Elias is known for, a song that insults basically every city in the United States named The Ballad Of Every Town I've Ever Been To.

Next up is Elias's Words which is quickly followed by a slower moving song called Nothing I Can't Do which, as you might have guessed, is a pretty self-centered track. Last but not least is Walk With Me, a song that should remind all fans what WWE really stands for, Walk With Elias. If you haven't already clicked on the playlist above and given each song a listen we highly recommend that you change that.

The main selling point of tonight's Raw is the number one contender match between Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns to decide who will take on Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. As always though there are more than three hours to fill, so perhaps we will be treated to Elias performing one of his brand new songs live. We certainly hope so, although he will likely be rudely interrupted, much to the chagrin of his number one fan, Michael Cole.


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