WWE Exchanges With Will Ospreay Getting Heated, Jericho Chimes In

What started somewhat innocently has turned into a heated exchange between WWE talent and Will Ospreay, with a few other stars chiming in.

Seth Rollins and indie star Will Ospreay got into a social media war of words when Rollins stood up for WWE and said that the company who employs him has "hands down" the best wrestling talent in the world. He then doubled down on his comments after watching Stomping Grounds and being proud of his roster for showing their stuff. When he challenged anyone to find a wrestler who was better than he was as often as he was, indie star Will Ospreay stepped forward.

With a simple "I"m alive" response, the war was on.

Since then, comments have hit social media suggesting Rollins should calm down with how much he's touting the fantastic wrestling skill in WWE. He's responded with the fact that he's only getting started and that he's tired of sitting back and letting others trash the promotion he works for. Roman Reigns and others have followed suit, bragging about WWE's product.

Ospreay, on the other hand, has argued he wrestled more dates and is better. When Rollins called Ospreay 'little guy" and claimed Ricochet was better, Chris Jericho chimed in saying Ospreay was actually bigger than Rollins.

Jericho then made another comment about WWE having the "best wrestling on the planet" and sarcastically posted a photo of the Tug of War contest between Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman. One wrestling account responded, "I don't think either promotion should be making comments like "best wrestling" when not all of the product on either show is always about wrestling. Both AEW and WWE veer from real in-ring wrestling skill. That's the point of entertainment." They then posted a .gif of Orange Cassidy to prove that AEW too doesn't stick to just the best wrestling action when selling their shows.

What This Means

This debate could forge on forever and will likely last for some time. What's interesting about all this is that WWE is finally sticking up for itself in terms of the in-ring competition it offers and is bragging about how good their wrestlers are at actually wrestling. Meanwhile, AEW wants to be known as the "wrestling" show but offers a lot of "entertainment" like WWE.

With comments like "no wonder Raw sucks" in response to Baron Corbin stepping into the conversation and saying he's wrestled more than Ospreay in 2019 or Jericho putting his two cents in, will this lead to a match between Rollins and Ospreay at some point? We can all only hope so because that would be magic.

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