Fans Livid After WWE Advertised Superstars Who Weren't Booked For Raw

Raw did not go as advertised on Monday night and apparently a lot of the fans that were watching live in Detroit were not happy about it.

One of the top angles in WWE right now revolves around the fact that Brock Lesnar keeps no-showing Raw when he is supposed to be in attendance and having a face to face with his WrestleMania opponent Roman Reigns. The reason it's WWE's top angle and so intriguing is because it is currently really hard to tell how much of it is actually an angle at all.

Two weeks ago, Lesnar didn't show up and Reigns cut the best promo of his career about the fact. Then the Universal Champion was absent yet again and the storyline continued as The Big Dog confronted Vince McMahon about the situation. Apparently though, Reigns was the only one put out by The Beast. Wrestling Inc reported that the Detroit fans in attendance were not happy about a Lesnar-less Raw.


That's not the only thing that got the WWE Universe in Detroit riled up either. Ronda Rousey had also been advertised for the show but was nowhere to be seen. Plus, to cap it all off, an eight-man dark match that was scheduled to take place after the cameras went off the air simply never took place. The Bar, The Miz, and Kane were supposed to be taking on the team of Braun Strowman, Reigns, John Cena, and Seth Rollins.

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If you have ever been to watch WWE live then you will know that they hammer home the fact that the card is subject to change. When fans in Detroit bought their tickets, they likely didn't expect it to change this much though. Lesnar and Rousey are two of the biggest draws in the company right now, so to not give the fans either of them considering they're both injury free is pretty shoddy. Plus, aside from Kane, we know for a fact that all eight men for the scheduled dark match were in the building, so why didn't it happen?

While Rousey will likely be back on Raw next week that much can't be said for Lesnar. Yes, Vince McMahon gave us his word that The Beast will be present this coming Monday but the whole point of this is that Lesnar keeps refusing to show up. If he makes the boss look stupid then that would be a real twist in his and Reigns' road to WrestleMania.


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